Two Thugs Broke Into This Elderly Couple’s Home And Forced Them To Do The Unthinkable

The sleepy community of Lake Gaston in North Carolina will never be able to rest at night again. Two masked intruders broke into an elderly minister’s home and beat the couple leaving the minister’s wife dead and the husband on the brink of life. The attack occurred on Friday morning and began with armed robbery.

But as the masked criminals got excited about their crime, they went from stealing money to killing the elderly lady.

The masked criminals entered the couple’s home and kidnapped 76-year-old Nancy Alford. One man forced her to take them to an ATM where she withdrew money for the criminals. The other stayed at the couple’s home and watched over her husband, John Alford. He is a minister at Sanford Memorial Baptist Church in Brodnax, Virginia.

When Nancy did as she was told, she thought she was out of the woods. The man drove her back to her home. But the intruders were only getting started with their thirst for violence. With the elderly couple united, they proceeded to beat them. They continued to abuse the couple until they were unable to defend themselves. And before leaving the house they had just defiled, they set the home on fire. And the couple was left inside it tied up like hogs, Sheriff Johnny Williams said.

The minister was able to escape the fire, but his wife did not. She perished in the blaze after suffering the horrific abuse that came out of nowhere.

After he escaped, the minister was airlifted to Duke University Hospital to be treated for his wounds and injuries. His wife died.

WRAL reported that the couple had lived in the Lake Gaston community for four decades. And they had been a mainstay in their neighbor not having moved all those years. They even invited their extended family to partake in the lovely home during the summer, the nephew said.

“We’re a small community and for this to happen in this kind of town is unheard of,” a business owner, Pete Richardson said. He is not the only person in the community stunned by the news.

Authorities have no suspects. They stopped and questioned random drivers and are desperate to find out who could have done this in their sleep community.

Everyone confirms that the Alfords were God-fearing people who loved their town and their neighbors. And friends and community members have turned to their church’s Facebook page to share their outpouring of grief for the violent death the minister’s wife experience.

“You can’t even have a home or property without someone coming in and destroying it or setting it on fire or killing you,” neighbor Joyce Humphreys said.

The criminals did not stop with stealing the cash. They also stole the minister’s gray Mercedes, which the police have not found.

Investigators are searching the rubble of the burned home looking for clues. And they have little information about the suspects. It would be a sin if these criminals got away with the crime they committed against this elderly couple.

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