Thug Picks Fight With Lone White Boy, Big Mistake When He Learns What ‘Victim’ Is Hiding

A shocking clip is going viral after a feral thug saw a lone white boy and walked over for a little more than a chat. Too bad for him, things would quickly take a turn, and this punk would learn just how big of a mistake he had made after seeing what his “victim” was hiding – but by then, it was way too late.

Although it’s unclear what started the altercation, a bystander decided to whip out his phone and start recording as two men were standing in the street and having an argument. However, things were only just beginning as the thug in the clip made it perfectly clear that he was instigating.

As can be heard in the clip since shared to YouTube, the intended victim clearly wasn’t looking for a fight, but he wasn’t about to back down either. Knowing full well what would happen if he turned to walk away, the white guy stood his ground while the bully continued to spout his rhetoric.

While puffing out his chest, the attacker was clearly trying to assert his dominance, but little did he know, he picked the wrong guy to mess with. As it turns out, his victim was hiding a little secret, but by the time the aggressor found out, it was already way too late.

Without warning, the thug decided to give his victim a little shove, and that was all the white guy needed to justify some self-defense. Even better yet, World Start Hip Hop reports that the man being attacked was actually an MMA fighter and was about to put his training to good use.

Just like that, he connected with a leg kick that broke the attacker’s stance. Making sure not to hesitate, the intended victim followed through with a few punches to the face while his attacker’s defenses were down, ultimately knocking him unconscious.

Of course, the bully wasn’t about to be humiliated after being folded in the grass, so he got back up – but it only made things worse. As can be seen in the clip, the aggressor was still half unconscious after getting his brain rattled by the white boy whom he unjustly attacked.

Even better yet, as the bully is hobbling around, trying to keep his feet underneath him, his victim then started to taunt him, asking if he “wanted another one.” Although the white guy tried to show some mercy by letting his attacker walk away, this bully wasn’t satisfied just yet.

In one last desperate attempt at redemption, he once again rushed the white guy only to get punched in the face and knocked out yet again. Despite sleeping in the middle of the street, the punk apparently still wanted to fight as he got up only to realize that his legs weren’t working right and his knees were buckling.

As the clip continues, it seems like things are over, but alas, the stubborn aggressor is too humiliated to quit. Unfortunately for him, he’d have to soak up a few more blows before the MMA fighter put the guy into a sleeper hold and choked him out for good. Although the video ends there, one can only hope the white guy used that opportunity to get away from the man who clearly wouldn’t let him leave.

It just goes to show, you should always be sure of what you’re getting into before you pick a fight. Then again, if you’re the one who starts it and loses, chances are, everyone is going to think that you got exactly what you deserved – just like this punk. In the end, his clock was so dirty that he got it cleaned twice. However, when that wasn’t enough, his victim forced him to take a nap right there on the sidewalk. Act like a punk, and you’ll be treated like one – period.

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