Democrat Senator Call Black Thug’s Arrest ‘White Supremacy,’ Cops Destroy Him In 9 Words

After a dangerous black criminal was arrested, a Democrat senator came forward and told the media that he witnessed the entire ordeal and saw a sickening display of “white supremacy” and “police brutality.” However, as soon as the police department addressed the race-baiting senator’s allegations, they easily silenced him in just 9 words.

When a suburban police SWAT team raided the home of Michael Green, a 33-year-old repeat criminal offender with a warrant for attempted murder, they believed it was just another day sweeping the streets of dangerous armed thugs. Weeks later, Michigan State Senator and Detroit mayoral candidate Coleman Young Jr. took to the media, condemning the police for enforcing “white supremacy” and “brutality of the worst kind” that he had personally witnessed, hoping to turn the arrest into a national publicity stunt and, possibly, a cause for race rioting. Unfortunately for Young, the police had one bit of information that completely obliterated his race baiting.

The Detroit Free Press reports that shortly after Sen. Young claimed that he had personally witnessed the police brutalizing and racially abusing repeat criminal Green and his family, Madison Heights Police Department Deputy Chief Tim Pawlowski debunked his lie, confirming that Young was never on the scene and that there have been no complaints filed.

“They were assisting the Hazel Park Police Department with an attempted murder investigation,” Pawlowski said. “We did have some officers that were on the team there and they all state that everything went well. They deny all her allegations and they never saw State Sen. Coleman Young on the scene. They never saw him or talked to him.”

Further shutting down Young, the very media outlet that gave the mayoral hopeful a special segment on their station pointed out that, despite there being countless neighbors who saw the raid, most of whom are black, none claim there was any police brutality or racist behavior. WXYZ-TV’s Right Now reporters added that pictures from bystanders even showed the family sitting calmly on the lawn, not “pig-tied” as Young and Green’s family purported.

“Police officials tell me that they say there is no gray area because many neighbors had come out and witnessed and took out their cell phones, took pictures and took video, so they said if there was some sort of police brutality situation, we all would have known about it by now,” reporter Syma Chowdhry explained.

The SWAT team came to Detroit on August 12 to serve a warrant while the city of Detroit’s police force wasn’t present, which is also what Young claims as proof of their overstepping their authority. However, Detroit police again denounced Young’s charge, reminding him that they were already aware of the raid and are not required to be present when the SWAT police are doing their jobs.

Before the truth came out, Young was vehemently defending Green and his family, pushing a false narrative of racism and police corruption. Green’s mother, Mary Smith, attended a press conference earlier this month in which Young and Smith made serious charges against the police, according to Blue Lives Matter.

“What we had here was a travesty of justice and peace,” Young said. “You had police officers from Madison Heights and Hazel Park who came all the way out of their jurisdiction and came here with military equipment, tanks. … They came here with no respect, no regard. … The mayor is the conservator of the peace … If anyone comes into our city and engages in that type of action, someone from the department, someone who is connected to the people needs to be there.”

Young also claimed that he happened to be driving past Smith’s home when the raid was taking place and got out of his car and approached the SWAT officers. Digging himself in deeper, Young said that he even spoke with police and watched as they violently shoved Smith and her family members into the ground, although photo evidence proves otherwise. Smith spurred these allegations, adding that police mistreated her 3-year-old grandchild.

“Police were on the roof with guns. I dived over the couch and ran out with my hands up. They said put your f—–g hands up. … They said get on the ground. Thy pig-tied me. They had guns to my head. They said who’s in there, I said my family. I said please don’t go in there shooting. My grandbaby is in there sleep. They said ‘F that baby.’”

Smith also called out Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, suggesting that he should’ve been present for the arrest. Expectedly, Duggan’s spokesman John Roach came forward with an official statement, yet again pointing out the family and Young’s absurd claims.

“We were not even aware of it until the recent press reports, and certainly there’s been no complaint made on record of anybody being mistreated at the raid,” Roach told the Free Press. “Not at the mayor’s office and not with DPD.”

Once again, we have a case of a black criminal being properly dealt with by local police while his family and the race-baiting Democrats attempt to spin the ordeal into propaganda to further divide the nation. Luckily, Young took his claims too far to be taken seriously or else we might have yet another nationwide race riot to give racist Black Lives Matter thugs an excuse to loot and brutalize.

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