Cruel Man Gets 12 Years Prison Time For Killing Puppy Who Vets Named Spirit As They Struggled To Save It

A 28-year-old man was sentenced to 12 years of prison after brutally abusing his young boxer puppy back in May 2017. Andrew Lacy Callaway was in a fit of rage when he stomped on the puppy, named Diesel, injuring its hips and legs, before throwing him against the wall.

The puppy was rushed to the Wylie Animal Center and suffered from multiple fractures in his bones. However, he arrived too late, and the puppy could not be saved and had to be put down.

Collin County Judge Mark Rusch, who charged Callaway with animal cruelty and violation of his previous probation, intended for the harsh sentencing to serve as a message to all those in the county that the abuse of animals would be severely punished.

He also stated that those who abuse animals have been proven to have underlying issues that could lead to them harming humans later on. Callaway, when asked about his actions, said he performed them in the heat of anger and regretted them as soon as he’d done them.

The puppy, who was renamed Spirit by the Wylie Animal Control, had his ashes brought along to the sentencing as a symbol of justice.

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