Cop Is Dying At Hands Of 2 Thugs, Sees Something Out Of The Corner Of His Eye

A deputy was performing a traffic stop when a man and his girlfriend attacked him and placed him in a chokehold. As the officer began losing consciousness, he thought that his life was over and that he’d never see his family again. However, just before he blacked out, he saw a mysterious figure that meant the difference between life and death.

Erie County Deputy Jason Clark was responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle on Wednesday evening in Grand Island, New York, when he nearly lost his life. WBFO reports that 22-year-old Sammy Abdellatif was in the passenger seat of 21-year-old Brittany Ashley-Graser’s car when he decided to have his girlfriend drive past Clark so he could hurl obscenities and threats at the deputy. After several passes in their vehicle, Clark wrapped up his first call and approached the pair to arrest Abdellatif.

Because Abdellatif was uncooperative, Clark was forced to try to arrest him through the vehicle’s passenger window. It was then that things took a deadly turn.

“Upon informing him that he was under arrest for his conduct, the individual rolled the window of the vehicle up on the deputy’s hand,” Sherrif Tim Howard said. “In extracting his hand, the window of the vehicle was broken. The passenger of the vehicle immediately exited the vehicle and attacked the deputy.”

Within seconds of Abdellatif getting out of the car and attacking the officer, Ashley-Graser and the pair’s pit bull also exited the car and joined in the brawl. The woman jumped on Clark’s back, allowing Abdellatif to place the officer in a chokehold.

Just as Clark was losing consciousness, however, he saw something approaching out of the corner of his eye that changed everything. Peter O’Brien, a passing citizen, noticed the struggle between Clark and the criminal couple and made the decision that saved the officer’s life.

Peter O’Brien, a passing citizen, intervened and saved Deputy Jason Clark’s (left) life, helping subdue the attackers until Deputy Nick Coniglio (right) arrived.
O’Brien grabbed Abdellatif and pried him away from the officer before he could render him unconscious. However, his heroic intervention prompted the pit bull to attack, leaving him with bite marks on his hand. Fortunately, he only suffered minor injuries.

“Were it not for the actions of Mr. O’Brien, this very easily could have ended with another dead police officer,” said Acting Erie County District Attorney Michael Flaherty.

Due to O’Brien’s help, Abdellatif and Ashley-Graser were able to be subdued until a second officer arrived. Deputy Nick Coniglio drew his firearm, approached the suspects, and placed them both in handcuffs. As Coniglio escorted the couple to his patrol vehicle, Abdellatif continued to violently resist, kicking the officer until he was finally placed in the vehicle.

Thanks to O’Brien’s willingness to risk his own life to save another, Deputy Clark was taken to Erie County Medical Center to receive treatment for serious injuries and was released Thursday morning, according to Blue Lives Matter.

Abdellatif was charged with attempted murder and is currently being held at the Erie County Holding Center. Ashley-Graser was charged with felony assault, obstruction an officer, and resisting arrest and is currently being held at the same holding center. The pair is scheduled for separate arraignments in Grand Island Town Court.

Thanks to the belligerence and bigotry spewed from anti-police groups like Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panther Party, this type of violence and disrespect towards law enforcement officials is increasing. Not only is this resistance growing but unprovoked aggression from cop haters is on the rise.

While law-abiding citizens are grateful that these 2 thugs are no longer able to assault anyone else, the hooligans with the BLM and NBPP would see nothing illogical about rushing to the defense of this pair.

Police officers have become targets for hatred, assault, and murder simply because the anti-cop crowd blindly judges them, not by the content of their character but by the color of their skin or, in some cases, their profession.

Fortunately, there are still civilians like O’Brien who see officers like Clark not as racist or blood-thirsty oppressors but as parents, spouses, and lives that matter.

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