Trump Stands Before Billy Graham’s Casket, Then Walks Up & Does Something Very Powerful

On Wednesday morning, the most powerful members of the U.S. government, President Donald Trump included, gathered in the rotunda of the Capitol building to pay respects to the late Reverend Billy Graham. As America watched, President Trump stood before Graham’s casket, then walked up and did something very powerful.

Leaders of the U.S. House and Senate, high-ranking members of the Trump administration, the President and Vice President, First Lady Melania Trump, and Second Lady Karen Pence gathered together on Wednesday morning to honor the late Reverend Billy Graham.

Short remarks were given by Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and President Donald Trump, who called Graham an “ambassador for Christ, who reminded the world of the power of prayer and the gift of God’s grace.”

“Billy Graham carried his message around the world, but his heart — as Franklin will tell you — was always in America,” President Trump said during the ceremony on Capitol Hill, according to CNN.
“He took his message to the poorest places, to the downtrodden and to the broken-hearted, to inmates in prison and to the overlooked and neglected. He felt a great passion to those that were neglected,” added the president. “God loves you — that was his message — God loves you.”

President Trump is also a firm believer in the power of prayer and is often seen praying with members of his cabinet before and after important meetings. Just last week, when he welcomed high school students to the White House to discuss gun violence on U.S. public school campuses, the president asked a pastor to open the meeting with a prayer.
Indeed, we finally have a president who holds Christian values near and dear to his heart, as was evidenced on Wednesday when President Trump humbly paid his respects to Reverend Billy Graham.

The first couple laid a wreath at Graham’s casket on behalf of the Executive branch, then Trump approached the casket and did something truly profound.

After the Congressional chaplain said a prayer for Billy Graham, the Trumps approached the casket one last time before leaving. While standing solemnly at the casket, President Trump walked directly up to it. The president laid his hand on the casket in contemplation. For approximately ten seconds, Trump stood, head bowed, with his hand on the casket. [Source: The Daily Caller]

There was an outpouring of support for both Billy Graham and President Trump on social media, as Americans from across the country took to Facebook to show their gratitude for the great work the Reverend did during his lifetime and the respect Trump showed him at the Capitol on Wednesday.

“This president shows the utmost respect I have ever seen it brought a tear to my eye seeing him place his hand with head bowed on the reverends casket this is why he is our president 🇺🇸 god bless you mr President,” wrote Facebook user Robert Munhall.

“RIP forevermore Reverend Graham. You were a very special man of God and I admired you and all you stood for!! May God heal the hearts of those who love you,” echoed Marie Wright-Pugh.

“I am so thankful to FINALLY have a Godly man as our President! Thank you President Trump for showing companion, caring and warmth for Reverend Graham,” commented Christy Hooten Moix.

Indeed, former President Barack Obama likely would not have honored Billy Graham with this type of service, even though he is the most recognized and lauded preacher of our time. No, Obama was more smitten with racist false prophets like Reverend Jesse Jackson.
May the Reverend Billy Graham rest in peace in the arms of the Heavenly Father. His memory will endure forever in the hearts and minds he turned towards Christ.

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