Bad News For Coward Sheriff After Female Police Chief Drops Brutal 1-Word Hammer On Him

Things aren’t going so well for Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel after several failures in his department were found to have allowed the recent horrors in Florida. Too bad for him, he just got more bad news as a female police chief dropped a brutal hammer on the cowardly sheriff’s head — and it took her just one word to do it.

The liberal media has been doing their best to keep the focus on guns these days, but they haven’t been very successful at this point. In fact, the public is growing more concerned as facts continue to show that the 17 lives lost in the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting could have been prevented if law enforcement had just done their jobs.

Instead, the same people who ultimately allowed such a tragedy to take place are now demanding that we give up guns under the promise that they will protect us and keep everyone safe. Perhaps most notable for this is Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel who shocked the nation when he came out in favor of gun control just hours after the shooting.

Too bad for him, things have been in a downward spiral ever since as we’re learning more and more. Not only do we know that the shooter was well known to law enforcement, but he had personally been visited on several occasions by police officers. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve since learned that four separate Broward County Deputies waited outside the school while gunshots were going off and people were being slaughtered inside.
Of course, Sheriff Israel has tried to shift blame, saying that the individuals who personally dropped the ball are ultimately responsible but the public doesn’t agree. After all, this guy is the head of his department and is the one truly responsible for everything that happens under his leadership.

Unfortunately for Scott Israel, if he thinks that the public outrage is hard to handle, he’s in for a rude awakening, considering who just decided to get involved. Come to find out, the coward sheriff just got some seriously bad news as a female police chief in Florida just dropped a brutal hammer on the man’s head — and it only took her one word to get her point across.
According to IJ Review, Michelle Cook, the police chief for the Atlantic Beach Police Department, recently targeted Israel’s deputies in a scathing Facebook post. In short, her message was simple: If you don’t have what it takes, then “quit.”

“If you are a police officer and you think to yourself for even one second that you will not be able to run towards the gunfire…please quit now,” she wrote. “We won’t be mad. Innocent lives depend on us to act #dontletthemdown.” However, her rant didn’t end there.

Michelle’s remarks would immediately take off on social media, prompting local news affiliates to come out and speak with her, where she stood her ground, saying that now is the time for people like Sheriff Israel’s deputies to ask themselves the hard questions.

“Every officer needs to have a conversation with themselves and ask, ‘Am I willing to go in if faced with similar circumstances?’” said Cook, adding that she believed most officers would risk their own lives to save those of others.

Cook said her agency recently trained at schools with five different law enforcement agencies, and believes officers are prepared to respond if there was a school shooting or other emergency.

“The part B to that is you have to continue to train. You can’t rely on training that’s 5, 10, 15 years old. You’ve got to get up to date with the training that’s out there, the best practices and lessons learned,” she said. [Source: News4Jax]

Michelle wasn’t done there, either. In fact, the police chief demonstrated that she wasn’t out there to personally rip into anyone but, instead, make sure that everyone was as safe as possible.

“If you’re a first responder,” she began in a series of tweets. “Please continue to train & be proficient in the active shooter response. This includes tactical & incident management of a scene. If you don’t know what ‘rescue task force,’ ‘ambulance exchange point,’ ‘contact team,’ ‘tactical/5th man,’ ‘casualty collection point’ or ‘staging’ means and how police/fire/ems all integrate at a scene then you are already behind the curve.”

She continued, “Don’t wait for a ‘class.’ These are concepts, skills & capabilities you can train on your own and with your squad.” Then, she implored those first responders to “Practice. Practice some more with police, fire, ems, dispatch. If you have rank, practice even more. Typically incidents fail at the management level,” she pointed out.

Ultimately, it is up to us to make sure that we are able to defend ourselves should the need arise. Although it’s not the main purpose, this is one of the reasons we have the Second Amendment. However, we have to seriously ask ourselves what’s the point of having police officers that are too scared to do their duty?

These same people, like Sheriff Scott Israel, who are demanding that we give up our guns and trust them to protect us, are the same ones standing outside while innocent people are being slaughtered. Police Chief Michelle Cook is right. Police officers know what they’re signing up for when they apply to be cops — it’s why people have so much respect for them. Enough with the excuses.

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