Dad helps train daughter on how to use a pistol—she really knows her way around a handgun

This girl is being trained by her father on how to use a gun properly. As to why, well, maybe she’s being disciplined for the military. Nevertheless, check out the video to see her demonstrate an impressive shooting exercise.

We often hear in the news reports about accidental gun deaths by adults, teens, and children. In June 2017, a study published in the Pediatrics journal found that an average of 1,297 children die from gun-related injuries each year, making guns the third-leading cause of death for children in America.

The study stated that “playing with a gun was the most common circumstance surrounding unintentional firearm deaths of both younger and older children.” The study concluded that “understanding their nature and impact is a first step toward prevention.”

For many people who stress responsible gun ownership, educating their children on firearms and firearms safety is important, especially if guns are kept in the home.

The girl appears to be disciplined, and has most likely been educated by her father on proper firearm usage and safety. She knows how to check the chamber to see if the gun is still loaded, and is even seen in the video going through multiple magazines. Quite an impressive young lady!

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