FL Liberals Ban Armed Teachers, Backfires When They Hear Sheriff’s Clever Announcement

Thanks to liberal gun control, Florida teachers aren’t allowed to carry a gun on school property to defend their students. However, one clever sheriff just came up with a brilliant plan that liberal gun control legislators never saw coming.

Despite claiming to want to stop school shootings by any means necessary, liberals are rejecting every logical and proven solution simply because they involve defending innocent children with guns. Proving that their agenda has nothing to do with the wellbeing of vulnerable students across the globe, the left refuses to budge from their true agenda of unmitigated gun control, using every excuse in the book, including suggesting that giving teachers a fighting chance just doesn’t fit into their bloated budget.

Ensuring that teachers could never defend themselves or their students and would be forced to use their own bodies as shields just like heroic coach Aaron Feis did during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting, Florida’s leftists passed legislation prohibiting educators from carrying a gun on school property. Of course, the same mandate allows for law enforcement members to carry firearms on the premises, prompting one clever sheriff to spot the perfect opportunity to side-step the ludicrous gun control policy.

Last week, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd introduced a brilliant strategy to arm teachers, despite Florida’s liberals legislating that only law enforcement officers may carry guns on school grounds, announcing that his department will deputize, train, and license any teachers who want to carry concealed weapons on school properties.

Sheriff Judd proudly announced the “Sentinel Program,” which gets around Florida’s gun control policies concerning schools, inducting volunteer staffers into the field of law enforcement by making them “special deputies,” according to Fox 13.

“We’re gonna send the message to those people that you’re not coming onto a campus being the only person on the campus with a firearm,” said Sheriff Judd Wednesday. “Gun control is clearly in place on school campuses in the state of Florida. How did that work last week in Broward County?” he said.

However, in order to prove a point, Sheriff Judd put forth a terrifying yet very real scenario involving a school shooter encountering an armed staff member, prompting the entire room to fall completely silent.

“Here’s the perspective that is so clear to me,” Sheriff Judd said, addressing the crowd, “I’ve got grandkids in the school system today and the active shooter is coming down the hallway toward any one of my grandchildren’s class, and a representative, who works at the school, is well-trained and has a gun — do I want them to step out into that hallway and start shooting at that guy or do I want him to walk into the classroom with my babies and shoot them up?” he asked rheorically.

“Everyone just has to ask themselves that question. My babies, your babies, are in that classroom and that active shooter is coming down the hallway with that thousand-yard stare and that gun in their hand. Do you want somebody to step out and stop him or do you want him to go into that classroom and slaughter your babies? That’s where we are with that issue today,” he concluded.

Expectedly, many teachers have contacted Sheriff Judd in order to enter the program which will provide them with the training and permits to defend their classrooms from deranged criminals unwilling to disarm at the sight of a “gun-free zone” sign. Additionally, several school campuses have already partnered with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department in an effort to get an undisclosed number of faculty members armed and trained within the next few weeks.

The program will be provided on a volunteer basis, allowing teachers who feel comfortable with arming themselves to go through an extensive learning process taught by professional law enforcement officials. Of course, to quell liberals’ irrational fear of firearms, volunteers will undergo training that is even more intense than what deputies face, Polk County Sheriff’s Office reiterated, according to Blue Lives Matter.

Sheriff Judd was one of the 12 sheriffs who met with President Donald Trump in Washington just days before the Parkland school shooting took place. President Trump gathered the esteemed law enforcement officials in order to not only honor them and reiterate his support for them but also to discuss the crackdown on illegal drug distributors and illegal immigration, WFLA reports.

Judd had recently affirmed the president’s sentiments toward illegal immigration, announcing that he would be working closely with federal agents and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials to enforce federal law.

“We will be able to hold illegal criminal aliens accountable according to the law of this land,” Sheriff Judd said back in January. “We will be able to rid our counties and this country of those who illegally come here and victimize the people of the United States.”

Sheriff Judd has consistently displayed a dedication not only to his community but to the law. In fact, in an interview with Fox & Friends, he explained that President Trump is a “breath of fresh air” for law enforcement officials, allowing them to actually do their jobs in an atmosphere that has become increasingly anti-cop.

“There are people that are proactively looking for the opportunity to hurt law enforcement officers,” Judd said. “We’re on the ground level, trying to keep the people of this country safe,” Judd said, calling it a “breath of fresh air” to see the president follow through on campaign promises like cracking down on illegal immigrant criminals. “They’re doing what they said they would do, and that’s a breath of fresh air for all of us,” he said.

“Here’s what I would say to anyone that thinks that it’s alright for illegal aliens who are committing crime to be in this country: What are you thinking? That’s not normal America,” he said.

Sheriff Grady Judd is destroying the liberal narrative, which is based on an emotional phobia of guns and a desire to disarm and control the people. Thanks to his efforts, Florida schools that adopt his program will be much safer from armed criminals who will always find a way around the gun control policies that only harm law-abiding citizens and their vulnerable children.

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