RESIGN NOW: Lying Sheriff Israel Said ‘Put Allah First’ As Video Exposes SICK SECRET

Americans are calling for the immediate resignation of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel after shocking evidence proves his actions led to the deaths at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. A video has been found of Israel meeting with certain Islamic leaders where he admits to “putting Allah first,” assuring them of new policies that will blow your mind. His sick secret is so horrific, cops around the country want him arrested and tried for murder.

Sheriff Scott Israel & Imam Broward County Alhikmat (left), Parents react in Parkland, Florida, to the mass shooting (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab)

Sheriff Scott Israel was never a lawman. He is a politician, plain and simple. To understand what led up to the mass shooting on February 14th, you have to understand how Sheriff Scott Israel ran the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.

The office of sheriff in most counties is an elected position, and most times, the sheriff elected is a real staunch law enforcement officer. Sometimes, like with Sheriff Israel, we get the big liberal donors who place their lapdog at the top. Israel is a huge leftist, and his job was to turn Broward County into a haven for social justice bullcrap policies.

The Conservative Treehouse reports, “Most of the current county leaders throughout Broward County civic leadership are transplanted far-left NE liberals; many from New York. Democrat Sheriff Israel is thoroughly political in his approach to law enforcement. In this interview [with CNN you can] watch the professional obfuscation; the priorities of Sheriff Israel are very clear. Jake Tapper understands the risk to their larger ideological goals.”

CTH is referring to when Tapper interviewed Israel on Sunday morning, where Jake had some explaining to do after he led that one-sided hate-fest town hall during which Israel blamed the NRA for the shooting. CNN was left looking like the fake news that they are after shocking new evidence came out about Israel and his leftist policy program called the “Promise Program.” Tapper was getting hammered by angry Americans on social media, so he had to get Israel back on his show.

So, watch the video below, which we start at the 22:00 mark as Jake Tapper asks about the “Promise Program,” the Broward County policy to never arrest high school students so that the local officials can elevate their education statistics and gain federal and state grant money.

This policy extended to the Islamic community too, but before we get to that, let’s review just how this “Promise Program” worked.

CTH sums it up, reporting, “A Broward County School Police Officer must: carry a political hat and be able to intercept anti-social behavior (ie. filter through ‘The Promise Program‘); modify his/her action based on the specific policy need (no arrests); falsify documents (as needed), hide evidence (as needed), manipulate records (as needed); and engage inside the system with an understanding of the unwritten goals and school board/LEO objectives (improve stats).”

As Mad World News previously reported, Sheriff Israel and his deputies ignored two years worth of multiple incidents involving Nikolas Cruz’s sociopathic violent behavior, as they followed the “Promise Program.” Israel ended up hiring and advancing only “his friends,” who were willing to look the other way. Now, a little-seen video of Israel at a Broward County mosque has just be found, and what he says there proves he was treating the mosque just as he treated Nikolas Cruz.

Let’s be clear: We are not saying this particular mosque is filled with terrorists. But, it is well known by Homeland Security that mosques are the breeding ground for terrorists. Police departments across the country know this too, as politically incorrect as it may be to acknowledge it.

So, Israel is at this mosque telling them he puts “Allah first,” and it’s quite clear, he is pandering to them and not stressing assimilation into American culture in any way. He also goes into how he lets “kids off who otherwise would be arrested.”

Is that the type of information he should be sharing with a mosque? Oh, that sounds so “racist” many will say. No, its a fact that police do infiltrate mosques, looking for terrorists, so Israel’s approach is just like the leftist nutjob politicians when it comes to potential Islamic terrorism.

This video is shocking Americans who are now demanding Israel resign immediately.

After hearing what he said in the mosque, is it any wonder there was a mass shooting on his watch? He is to blame for Nikolas Cruz. There were so many incidences where, thanks to Israel’s “Promise Program” which was also ratified and approved by the leftist Broward School Board, Israel’s department looked the other way.

Yet, before all this information came out, guess what Israel was doing? He was calling for gun control. He was at that CNN town hall, screaming at the National Rifle Association spokesman Dana Loesch, blaming the AR-15.

Sheriff Scott Israel was doing what his leftist masters wanted him to do: use the mass shooting he caused to start gun confiscations and, ultimately, get rid of the Second Amendment. That was the plan. Broward County was a mass shooting waiting to happen, and it was planned that way.

Is there any other way to explain this crazy “Promise Program”? Israel set up the perfect haven for a mass shooting, and he made sure everyone knew his department was looking the other way.

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