Shocking footage shows man throwing helpless puppy into crocodile-infested lake

A video that has gone viral on social media depicts a man throwing a puppy into a crocodile-infested lake.

On most occasions, netizens on social media can never agree on a topic. There’s always someone who either plays the devil’s advocate or those that appear to take the side of those that are being crucified in the said topic.

However, there are some rare cases when everyone can unite and unanimously condemn an inhumane, incomprehensible act, with the upcoming incident encapsulating a perfect example.

The horrifying video appears to show a man throwing a helpless, struggling puppy into a lake. While that in itself might spark furious responses from animal rights organizations, it becomes apparent that the lake is infested by monstrous crocodiles. A few seconds into the footage, the puppy can be seen gobbled up alive.

It is unclear where the footage was taken, with a few outlets claiming that the video was taken in Australia, while others suggest the shocking incident took place in Indonesia. Wherever it may be, it has gone viral on social media and users are hoping it catches the attention of the concerned authorities.

As the video begins, a man in a white polo t-shirt and cut-off jeans can be seen walking down what appears to be the rocky edge of a lake, with the struggling puppy in tow and held by the scruff of its neck. The people behind the camera can be heard laughing and shouting, appearing to egg the man on.

As the footage proceeds, he hurls it with force into the middle of the lake. The hapless animal can be seen flying through the air and splashing into the lake. The pup can be seen struggling in the water, desperately trying to claw its way back to land to safety.

But its little legs could not carry it fast enough, and soon enough, a crocodile emerges from the water and swallows it whole. It then dives back down, with the video continuing for a few more seconds before eventually cutting off.
A similar incident this past month saw police apprehend an 18-year-old teen in Patterson, California after footage of him hurling a kitten into a lake went viral. He was then booked on a felony animal cruelty charge and was expected to face punishment despite having been a minor when the incident in question took place.

Netizens will hope that authorities manage to apprehend the man shown in the video, as well as those who shot and were heard laughing behind the camera and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

Here are some of the reactions on social media to the incident:

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