Prisoner attacks jailer , them another inmate comes up — but look closely at what he does

An inmate at an Oklahoma jail is being hailed as a hero for coming to the aid of a detention officer who was attacked by another inmate.

The attack, which was captured on a surveillance camera, took place at the Payne County jail in Oklahoma, according to local media reports published on Friday.

Tashka Robert Frank Maret, 24, tried to punch the jailer before picking him up and slamming him to the ground, KOCO News reported. The detention officer then tried to call for backup but the inmate kept attacking him.

A second inmate, who had been sitting on a bench, then stepped in to help the officer. That inmate, identified as Robert Charles Hammock, grabbed Maret and helped the jailer restrain him as other officers arrived on the scene.

Maret had been originally booked in the jail on larceny and public intoxication charges. Now, he’s facing a charge of assault on a police officer. He could be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison if he’s convicted, KFOR-TV reported.

Captain Kevin Woodward, of Payne County Sheriff’s Office, told KOCO that budget cuts have reduced the number of detention officers in the jail. “It does make it a little more dangerous for the people,” he noted.

“We certainly wouldn’t want anybody to try and be a good Samaritan and get hurt in the process,” Woodward said, adding that he appreciates Hammock stepping in to help.

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