Because This Dog Mated With Neighbor’s Female Dog, Neighbor Ran Him Over With Lawnmower

In a residential neighborhood in Thalang, Phuket, Thailand, two dogs were running and playing on a lovely summer day. Then mother nature had other plans, the male dog, Mommam, a three-year-old German shepherd mix started to mate with his neighbor’s female dog.

It wasn’t an intentional act – it was natural. Unfortunately, the female dog owner wasn’t happy about it, and he held Mommam to the ground and ran over him with a lawnmower! Mommam managed to escape, but his injuries were life threatening.

He was taken to the Soi Dog Foundation for help since his owner could afford to the medical bills. Mommam is expected to recover from the incident but one front leg as severed and it has been amputated.

Doctors hope to be able to save his back-right leg. The man responsible is now facing criminal charges.Take a look at this video

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