Feral She-Thug Mouths Off & Assaults Police Officer, Then Fed-Up Cop Puts Her In Her Place

Quite the shocking video is spreading across social media after an Illinois teen decided to mouth off to a police officer. Too bad for the feral she-thug, things would get much worse as she put hands her on him — and that was about the time the fed-up cop put her in her place.

It all started when several groups of teens attending a variety of Des Moines area schools started talking about a fight. Before long, “chatter” on social media was so severe that police had learned the time and place that the groups were set to meet. Of course, after hearing that an altercation was set to take place at a DART bus station, more than a dozen officers were sent out to stop the fight that was supposed to involve over 100 teens.

Like clockwork, the groups of students began to show up, prompting cops to tell them to leave as soon as they arrived. Unfortunately for one feral she-thug, she decided that she was still going to fight. As it turns out, though, she shifted her focus from another student to the police officer who was telling her and her group of friends to leave.

As is typically the case these days, a girl by the name of Amari Davis whipped out her phone and began recording after noticing that trouble was brewing. Clearly seen in the footage that has since been posted on Facebook, the teen thug squared off against the police officer. Amid the chaos, the officer reportedly stepped on the punk’s foot — and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.
Apparently, the accident was enough to send the teen over the edge, prompting her to demand an apology. Too bad for her, she wasn’t about to get one. In fact, things would get worse as the officer then started to physically move the group in the direction he wanted them to go.

Without hesitation, the brat became rather aggressive toward the officer, later saying that “she was sticking up for her brother.” After giving the group more than enough opportunities to leave on their own accord, the cop eventually decided to put the screaming lunatic in her place once and for all.

Continuing her temper tantrum, the girl would eventually push the cop’s last button, prompting him to take action. As the officer attempted to grab her wrist, telling her that she was under arrest, the punk pulled away and even began to assault the officer in a desperate attempt to get away.

Just like that, he pepper sprayed the teen, resulting in her screaming like a rabid animal. From there, he tried to put her in handcuffs once again, but she was still non-compliant, as Des Moines Register reports.

In order to force her to follow orders, the cop then pulled out his taser and sent a few million volts of electricity through the thug’s body. As it turns out, that was all it took for him to get her into handcuffs, but things were far from over. As can be seen in the footage, two other teens — one male and one female — were also trying to get in on the action.

Apparently sticking up for their friend who was being placed in handcuffs at the time, the two may have crossed the line. As a result, they too were arrested. Aaron Keys was the only one above the age of 18, so only his records have been released as the identity of the minors involved remains protected.

In all, Keys was officially charged with interference with official acts and failure to disperse. Of course, the teen and the girl who recorded the incident are saying that excessive force was used, but that’s not how everyone else feels about it. Although the Des Moines Police Department states that there is an investigation ongoing, a spokesman went on to say that pepper spray is a “common tool officers use to subdue people.”

You don’t get to act like an animal, then wonder why police use the force they do to neutralize the threat you’re posing on everyone nearby. Non-lethal force is called that for a reason — it’s temporary and doesn’t leave anyone with lasting damage. In the meantime, though, the extra amount of pain applied is usually all it takes to make even the most deranged criminals extremely compliant. Don’t want to be pepper sprayed? Don’t try to fight with a cop. It’s really as simple as that.

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