WATCH: Entitled Prius Driving Brat Attacks Male Driver, Gets Nasty Dose Of ‘Equality’

A shocking series of events was recently caught on video as a road-raging woman lost control of herself. Too bad for the entitled Prius-driving brat, things would take a shocking turn after she attacked a male driver — and that’s when she got a nasty dose of equality.

The incident took place in Nashua, New Hampshire after a woman named Jennifer Needham noticed a driver acting rather aggressively toward another motorist. Doing as many people do these days, Jennifer whipped out her phone and began recording as she pulled up to a red light.

However, the driver in the first car, later identified as 28-year-old Ricardo Montanez, shed a little light on the backstory. Before the video began, the entitled brat driving a Toyota Prius had apparently become so enraged that she intentionally drove her car into Ricardo’s. Of course, he put his car in park and got out, but that’s when he realized that something was off.

Rather than get out and apologize, the woman decided that just laying on her horn for an excessive period of time would be the appropriate course of action. “At that point, she was crazy,” Ricardo Montanez said. “So, I turn around, and I get back into my vehicle.” As fate would have it, that was when Jennifer pulled up.

Although Ricardo got back in his car to call and wait for police, the dangerous driver had other plans. Fortunately, Jennifer caught everything that happened next on video as the woman driving the Toyota Prius got out of her car. Clearly full of fury, the road raging driver charged Ricardo’s car.

As can be seen in the footage that has since been shared by CBS, the woman gets out of her car and walks up to Ricardo’s door while screaming at him. Although it can’t be said for certain, it looks like the road raging punk hits the man’s car with her hand which eventually prompted him to take action. Now under attack, Ricardo got out — but this is where things took a turn as he decided to give his aggressor a nasty dose of equality.

Not knowing if he was going to be attacked or if the woman had a weapon, Ricardo decided to neutralize the threat before he found out the hard way. “What was I supposed to do?” he later asked rhetorically. “I mean, I didn’t know if she was going to hit me, smack me or what.” So, with two open hands, the threatened driver gave his aggressor a brisk shove, sending her down to the ground.

Unfortunately, things weren’t over there and would soon take a shocking turn. As soon as police arrived, Ricardo was taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor simple assault, according to ABC News. Playing the victim card as all entitled brats do, the woman would later whine, saying that “he got out and shoved me so hard I lost my balance.”

Of course, she conveniently left out all the things that she did which warranted such a reaction. Most people in Ricardo’s shoes would have had the same response, wanting to distance themselves from the aggressor who’s yelling in their face and possibly going to strike them at any minute. Simply put, Ricardo was merely defending himself against an oncoming threat with no way of knowing what his aggressor’s intentions were.

If you are so angry that you smash your car into someone else’s, get out of your car, charge the other persons, and start beating on their vehicle, then you’re a threat. This woman assaulted Ricardo by intentionally driving her car into his, so he had every right to defend himself when she decided to get in his face.

There was absolutely no way of knowing what she was about to do, but she was aggressive and clearly willing to take things to a physical level. As a result, she got laid out on her butt. Although most people agree that the woman got exactly what she deserved, not everyone does. As Jennifer, the woman who recorded the incident, later said, “You don’t put your hands on a woman. You just don’t.”

It’s always funny how women demand “equality,” but the second a man treats them the way they would another man, they cry foul. In the end, this really isn’t about men vs. women. It’s about the ability to defend yourself from a rapidly approaching threat — and that’s exactly what Ricardo was doing. This woman is the hazard to society and the one that needs to be in jail, not the other way around.

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