People FREAK As Snoop Dogg’s Bodyguard Drops BOMB About Parkland, FL, School Shooting

People are freaking out after Snoop Dogg’s former bodyguard dropped a truth bomb about the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting. Now, everyone is asking, “Is this guy for real?”

George Murdoch a.k.a. Tyrus (Photo Credit: YouTube/Tyrus)

As the liberal handwringers scream for more gun control after 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people in cold blood just a week ago, former Snoop Dogg bodyguard and pro-wrestler George Murdoch, a.k.a Tyrus, says that our schools need to be secured by veterans.

Tyrus, who recently appeared on Fox News’ Gutfeld, says that each of America’s schools needs a TSA of sorts, according to Louder With Crowder. The basic idea is that there should be one point of entry and exit for each school and that an armed military veteran could be employed to screen people as they access a school’s campus.

According to the clip Tyrus posted on Twitter, he thinks veterans are the perfect solution to campus security. “This is coming from a place of being executive security, and for a short stint, I was a teacher,” he began. “First of all, if we outlawed guns tomorrow, no more guns in this country, all you would do would be opening the business market for the black market, just like we said no drugs,” Tyrus said.

“Drugs still get pushed in this country, and then, we have no idea what was out there. So that’s just not who we are. We have freedom of speech, and we’re going to have guns. That’s what our country is built on. But, when 9/11 happened, the planes hit the towers, airports were changed forever. We got the TSA,” he continued.

“Our children are getting hit. It’s time to change the schools forever, and there is a population out there, and I checked, they didn’t have the new stats out, but last year’s stats were 4.3 percent unemployment for returning veterans in this country,” he added.

“That’s 435,000 trained men who have eyes and ears,” Tyrus pointed out. “We need to have them at the schools. TSA needs to be at the schools. One way in, one way out. You have dogs. There’s not one person in this building who wouldn’t say up my taxes $25 dollars, whatever it needs to be. A trillion dollars. It’s a business. I would even take money from other things. We need to get with it. Now it’s guys with guns,” he furthered.

“Ten years from now, it’s going to be guys with a drone. It’s going to be guys with a remote control rover, and who’s better? When I’m at the airport and I see a guy with an M-16 and a German Shepherd dog, walking by smelling stuff, I’m not worried about nothing, and I would like my children to be the same way,” Tyrus added, before concluding, “We protect our airports… let’s protect our children.”

Tyrus is on the right track. The federal government wastes billions of dollars on the stupidest things. Why not actually put that wasted money to good use and hire veterans to protect our schools?

Veterans are already living throughout the United States, and I’m sure many would gladly take a well-paying job protecting their own and our kids from monsters like Nikolas Cruz. To help pay for the cost of having an armed veteran guarding our schools, the local school district could simply get rid of one of their assistant superintendents who really doesn’t do a whole lot of good anyhow. Many of those types of positions offer hefty salaries which could be better spent making sure America’s kids aren’t sitting ducks in their classrooms.

It’s time for some common sense policies to be put in place, and the fact that the federal government and local governments haven’t done so already is a shame. Innocent lives could have been spared if our leaders would quit arguing with each other and use some of the money they take from us to ensure that schools are safe. As unpolished as he might be, Tyrus has it right on this subject. Pay veterans to protect our schools.

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