Disturbing video footage has emerged out of New York after a vicious thug randomly beat a 91-year-old gentleman in the head with a cane for no reason. The graphic footage shows instantly how the street thug got an instant visit from karma that he obviously wasn’t expecting. Now, he is going to pay for his sick behavior, and rightfully so.According to ABC7, the incident took place on Friday, June 2, 2017, at approximately 6 p.m. on a New York sidewalk.

The shocking video footage captured by a surveillance camera shows the merciless thug launching a spontaneous, unprovoked, and ugly attack on Juan Llorens as he walked with his cart up the sidewalk. This ugly beating wasn’t going to go unnoticed, and immediately, good Samaritans jumped in to teach Nunez what karma looks like.According to Fox News, 19-year-old Saul Nunez was arrested Saturday, June 3, 2017, after police identified him as the thug who attacked the helpless 91-year-old man in disturbing video footage that is now making its way around the internet. Nunez, a resident of the Bronx, immediately became the target of a few bystanders after they watched him assault the elderly gentleman for no reason. Immediately after hitting the man in the head with his cane, Nunez got attacked by a bystander who is trying to defend the victim.During an interview with CBS2, reporter Ali Bauman asked Llorens, “You’ve never seen him before?” to which Llorens replied, “No, never. I don’t recall. I don’t know him.”Other witnesses who were interviewed were shocked at the attack. “Everyone knows him as like the grandfather,” witness Gemma Oberholtzer said. “If something happens, I’m not going to let this guy get attacked.”“I know this guy decades. He’s like a fixture up and down the street,”

It’s sad, sad to see,” Frank Alvarez said.Now, Nunez will be going to jail for two counts of assault and criminal possession of a weapon, according to NYPD. Llorens was left bleeding on the sidewalk as other bystanders rushed to help him. The elderly man was out getting food, according to an interview with ABC7, when the attack took place. Although Llorens says he forgives the thug who attacked him, that low-life has a price to pay behind bars.There was no motive for the crime other than pure evil, and Nunez had no prior relationship with his victim, according to police. Anyone who would assault an old man that way deserves to spend a few years in prison worrying about his own well-being. When Nunez is taken before a judge for sentencing, that judge needs to be as brutal to him as he was to his victim.

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