Probation Officer Looking For Offender Finds Something MUCH Worse

A North Carolina probation officer, who stopped at a house to talk to one of his offenders, stumbled upon something so horrific in the backyard shed, it was all he could do to restrain himself.

Pitt County Probation Officer Johnathan Thomas went to the Greenville home on Sunday to speak with a man under his supervision. When nobody answered the door, Thomas went around to the back of the house to see if anyone was around, according to ABC12.

Thomas explained that when he proceeded to the backyard to look for the offender, all he saw was one small child playing in the backyard and an open door to an adjacent shed.

“At that point, I proceeded to the backyard to look for him and all I saw was one small child playing in the backyard and the door was open to an adjacent barn in our storage building,” Thomas said.

Thomas decided to have a look inside the building for reasons unknown, and when he went inside, he was nearly floored at what he saw – the offender’s father, 47-year-old Martin Vasquez, was raping a 6-year-old girl.

“This is as bad as it gets, you know, witnessing a child, six years old, physically being raped,” Sheriff Neil Elks said.

“All I could focus on was getting him away from the little girl. Of course, other emotions, as a parent myself, you know, were flowing high,” Thomas recalled. “All I wanted to do was get him out of that situation, away from her.”

Making the situation even more heinous is the fact that children often play in the man’s yard. According to reports, he has a large sandpit that he uses to lure them in, which has many neighbors wondering how many times he’s committed these perverted acts.

“Terrifying, scared for the safety of all kids and my niece because she loves playing outside and everything,” said neighbor Tonia Abel, describing her feelings on the incident.

Martin Vasquez

Sheriff Neil Elks also questioned the extent of Vasquez’s offenses, saying the twisted man went to great lengths in order to lure children to his home. Elks said that he and his deputies will be thoroughly investigating the possibility that there may be more than one victim.

“Anybody that’s lived near him or around him, know him; ask yourself that question. Is it something I need to be concerned about?” Elks said. “And if you’re concerned about that with your child, maybe this guy’s been in the company of your child and you think everything’s fine; we are trained professionals, let us go talk to your child.”

According to WITN, Vasquez was charged with the rape of a child and indecent liberties with a child. He’s currently being held on a $1 million dollar bond at the Pitt County Detention Center.

Sheriff Elks said that there are more charges to come, pending an investigation.

Thomas said that the offender, whom he went to the home to check on initially, is not connected to the rape case in any manner.

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