LMAO! This Arrest Video Of A Millennial Snowflake Is Both Painful & Hilarious

What happens when entitled snowflakes hit the world of adulthood? This happens.

Brace yourselves, this video is rougher than grandma’s breath.

This whiny, little snowflake is making demands of the bondsman that is arresting her.

When I say ‘whiny’ that is not figurative.

Prepare yourself for a toddler-like display.


Does this give you a peek into her maturity level?

This chick cries when the cuffs are being (rather gently) put on her. She cries for her cats, she cries for her dad, and says that she paid her bond so she shouldn’t be arrested.

Watching this video and her immature behavior, what do YOU think?

Is she an innocent woman being persecuted?

Or do you think that she’s probably not mature enough to realize that making bond payments is kind of a big deal?

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