WATCH: DRUNK Trump-Hating Senator Questions CIA & NSA Directors, Gets BUSTED Big Time

Trump-hating Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), the ranking member of Armed Services Committee, returned from a lunch break totally inebriated and insisted on questioning the CIA and NSA directors. He slurred his words and went on a bizarre tirade about whacky Russian conspiracy theories, clearly suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, as those present try not to laugh out loud. Well, after enduring his drunkenness for a few minutes, Senator Reed got busted, big time.

Senator Jack Reed (left & middle) slurring his words as he talks with Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats (right), who has a shocked look on his face. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab)

Trump Derangement Syndrome is bad enough, but suffering from “TDS” and being drunk is horrible. That is exactly what happened to Democratic Senator Jack Reed who had clearly indulged in a liquid lunch, then refused to “stand down” when it came time for him to question all the top Intelligence Community directors.

Reed was on a mission, and that mission was to get to the bottom of the Russians allegedly taking over our democracy and making Donald Trump our president. As The Conservative Treehouse reports, “Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), ranking member of Armed Services Committee, began his mid-day sluration with a ‘resist-we-much’ effort to continue the vast White House Russian conspiracy narrative.”

They add, “He slowly morphed into a weirdly-sounding intoxicated demand for the NSA, CIA and intelligence officers to give him specific examples of their efforts to combat quantum cyber-intelligence operations. Eventually, ODNI Dan Coats grabbed the wheel and stopped Senator Reed from going full ‘Chappaquiddick.’”

Dan Coats is President Donald Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, and as Reed started rambling about the “Manhattan Operation,” everyone present knew this guy was close to being escorted out by security. In case you don’t know, the “Manhattan Project” was the World War II name for the secret mission for scientists to create the first nuclear weapons.

“You may agree or disagree, but collecting ‘intelefinch’ and then acting on it are two different things,” slurs Reed, while holding up the peace sign. Later, at about the 6:10 mark in the video he gets on a drunken roll about the Chinese and AI (artificial intelligence), then Coats tries to rescue him by saying they can’t talk about this in an open setting, which makes Reed start laughing.

Finally, at about 6:25 in the video, Reed gets back on his obsessive thoughts, slurring some more, and you can see Senator Kamala Harris trying not to laugh as Senator Joe Manchin to her left, cannot contain himself. Below is the almost seven-minute video of Senator Reed’s questioning session:

CTH reports, “It’s doubtful you can find a more succinct example of ‘TDS’ [Trump Derangement Syndrome] than a seemingly inebriated Democrat Senator asking the aggregate intelligence apparatus, during a public session of Congress, to give specific details of U.S. covert intelligence efforts to thwart Russian, Chinese and North Korean cyber-warfare.”

Well, Americans who were watching this debacle are extremely upset that Reed, who has been nothing but a thorn in Trump’s side, had the audacity to show up drunk to a public Intel hearing, then start to ramble on about potentially classified information.

On Reed’s webpage, he writes, “President Trump seems to have a difficult relationship with the truth, and this type of reckless rhetoric undermines both his credibility and U.S. national security.” Reed continues, “It is deeply disturbing that the President of the United States continues to trust the word of Vladimir Putin over the unanimous judgment of U.S. intelligence agencies.”

Reed adds, “That is a slap in the face of the brave men and women who risk their lives to gather intelligence and defend our nation. As we continue to learn more about President Trump’s ties to Russia, and his campaign’s political ties to the Kremlin, the dark red cloud hovering over this Administration grows more ominous.” So, you can see that he is clearly on the side of the deep state and has no problem propping up their lies and crimes.

Patriots weighed in on Senator Jack Reed’s drunken session before the Intel Community. This guy is the top ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, and how easily could he be compromised?

“What the hell? Why am I not seeing this on tonight’s news? This guy was drunk ass drunk and from the looks on Dan Coats face, was talking about things that should not be talked about in a public forum,” tweets “Sonja.”

What the hell? Why am I not seeing this on tonight‘s news? This guy was drunk ass drunk and from the looks on Dan Coats face, was talking about things that should not be talked about in a public forum.

— Sonja (@BluebonnetBossy) February 14, 2018

We agree, if this was a GOP Senator who supports Trump, this would be all over the news.

Twitter user “Unrnging the Bell” tweeted, “I’d like to hear him say ‘mutual’ again…. lmao this guy is an embarrassment wow! Wonder where he hides the flask?”

I’d like to hear him say ‘mutual’ again…. lmao this guy is an embarrassment wow! Wonder where he hides the flask?

— Unringing that bell 🔔🔔 *Angie* 🇺🇸 (@ask_the_cove) February 14, 2018

Others wanted to know why the other Trump hater, Kamala Harris, sitting right next to Reed, didn’t stop him and then turn him in? These Democrats are all a bunch of rats.

There are so many responses to Reed’s drunk-fest on Capitol Hill from Americans who are at first laughing, since it proves the Democrats are a bunch of inept loony tunes, but then most react with anger. So, Reed did not get away with this. There’s no doubt that patriots will be passing around this information, and he should have to step down.

This is what happens to the Democrats who are towing the line of the fake Trump-Russia investigation. They all know it’s a pile of “BS,” but none of them are brave enough nor do they have the character, morals, or ethics to do the right thing. So, they get drunk at noon, and probably keep drinking the rest of the day. Thank God, these Democrats aren’t in charge of anything in Washington, D.C. We need to keep it that way.

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