Bully Hits Smaller Student, Doesn’t Realize The Boy Has Special Surprise For Him (VIDEO)

A video (below) from a high school shows a bully learning the hard way that he picked on the wrong person.

The 26-second video, believed to have been filmed in a high school somewhere in the U.S., has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in less than a week since being uploaded, reports the Daily Mail.

The video begins with a crowd of high school students walking down a hallway, watching as a bully gets ready to confront another student.

The bully, wearing a black T-shirt, taunts the other student, in a white T-shirt, as he approaches him, telling him, “say something to my face,” before swinging at the other student.

The student in the black T-shirt quickly learns his mistake. As soon as he swings at the other student, he is grabbed, picked up in the air and body slammed to the ground with tremendous force.

The students watching the fight in the hallway gasp as the bully is violently thrown to the ground and the student in the white T-shirt gets in one last punch in the face, knocking the other student out cold.

Students watching the fight were shocked by what they just witnessed. One student exclaims as the bully lays on the ground, motionless, “Out f***ing cold!”

Viewers shared their thoughts on the video on the Conservative Daily Facebook page.

“And that is how you end bullying,” one viewer wrote. “I had Issues with a kid in school once, and administration did nothing (as usual). He gave everyone a problem and one day I told him to knock it off and he decided calling me fat and punching me in the stomach was a good idea. It took one hit for the ‘tough bully’ to get knocked out. Never had a problem with him since.”

“If it was my kid getting bullied like that I would say good job son and I don’t care if you got suspended you stood your ground and couldn’t let this go on any longer everyone knows the schools won’t do jack about it,” another user commented. “Good for him gained some respect for sure bet they won’t mess with him ever again!”

“Schools do an absolutely horrible job of handling ‘bullying,’” another viewer wrote. “We see how government institutions (public schools are) handle everything else so honestly some thing’s just have to be handled this way. Teach your kid to protect themselves and no matter the situation they’ll be OK!”

Sources: Daily Mail, Conservative Daily/Facebook / Photo credit: Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons

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