Do You Have a Spiritual Gift? Watch Out for These 7 Signs!

While every one of us possesses the ability to open our souls to the idea of spiritual enlightenment, there are a select number that are blessed with a true spiritual gift just waiting to be discovered. The universe may be sending you signs and messages, attempting to alert you to this higher calling, however, only a very small percentile are actually aware of their gift.

One belief is that there are three different categories of gifts: ‘Orientations of Spirit’ which motivate you in your life’s purpose, ‘Operations of Spirit’ which include miracles and expansions, and ‘Opportunities for Service’ which call for you to help another being. Each of these gifts is different, distinct and important in their own individual way.

How do you know if you have been blessed with a spiritual gift? Watch for these 7 signs:

1. You Are Highly Intuitive

When you approach a situation or activity, you may find that your body is sending you signals, giving you an idea of what is to come, or how the situation will plan out. This is known as intuition or your ‘gut-feeling.’ Don’t ignore it! Identify these messages your body is sending you and accept them, as the intuition of somebody who is spiritually gifted is rarely wrong.

2. You Regularly Wake Up at 4 AM

There has been a lot of discussions online recently about the different times that one may be waking up throughout the night, and what regularly waking up at that time may mean. Between the hours of 3 AM and 5 AM we enter into our REM state of sleep, a deep sleep that isn’t easily broken. It will take a lot to wake you from your REM, more than a need to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water. If you regularly find yourself waking up at these times, you may be experiencing a Higher Power attempting to reach you with a message.

3. You Can see the Truth Behind a Person’s Words or Actions

While someone may be skilled at creating a persona or mask that fools many of the people around them, you are able to see right through it. It doesn’t matter what they are telling you, or what their actions may be saying, you can see their true intentions. You recognize the message their heart is carrying – whether one of good or one demonic in nature.

4. You Read into Your Dreams

For some, dreams are nothing more than an entertaining collection of thoughts and memories, while others don’t even remember that they have one. People with spiritual gifts not only remember their dreams vividly, but they are able to interpret them to understand the message that specific dream is trying to relay. They understand that dreams are a key communication opportunity for the universe and our spiritual guides to reach out to us.

5. You Have Frequent Nightmares

Much like the above point regarding dreams, nightmares can be used by various spiritual entities attempting to reach us with a message. If entities have tried to pass a message in other ways unsuccessfully, they may turn to nightmares to scare and startle you, commanding your attention. If you are experiencing a highly vivid nightmare, firmly tell the entity that you are not afraid, but are willing to listen.

6. You Often Experience Accurate Visions

You not only experience visions in life but more often than not these visions turn out to be true. Premonitions are messages from the Universe of what is to come and are often experienced as sudden, intrusive thoughts. These visions may be physically, mentally and emotionally draining, so try to be patient with yourself.

7. You are Highly Empathetic

Spiritually gifted people are highly sensitive, and as such are more in tune with the emotions and feelings of others. In fact, some of the emotions that may plague you the most may not even be your own, but rather manifestations of someone else’s pain. Whenever you are feeling strong feelings of sadness, upset or confusion, step back to consider whether you are feeling those feelings yourself, or whether someone in your life is currently going through something.

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