Cop Makes Final Call On Day Of Retirement, Hears Familiar Voice Respond; Breaks Down

After years of working hard and providing for yourself and your family, you reach retirement and this is certainly a time to celebrate. While it is a major milestone in life, it is also a time of some sadness for people too. It is a major life change and it means that you are leaving behind coworkers and friends that you have worked with for years. In some cases, even decades.

Douglas Hogate Sr, a sergeant with the Salem City Police Department recently retired and has an interesting story following his final day on the job. When police retire, they sign off one last time using a final code 3 on the police radio. When he heard the person on the other end of the radio, he started to tear up.

Since it was his final day, this day, and more specifically this moment, was one that was already quite emotional. After 28 years of service, Hogate was at the end of his final day and he had no idea just how memorable this day was going to be.

He spoke into his radio stating that it was a code 3 for his final time. After he did his final sign-off, a familiar voice appeared on his radio and it was his son. His son, a dispatcher for the local 911 service, had a special message for his father.

He gave a touching and emotional tribute to the career officer and acknowledged the hours his father spent on the job. He also mentioned that Hogate was the greatest man that he ever knew. This is not something all police get to experience on their final sign-off, so it was certainly one that surprised Hogate in a very good way.

Hogate teared up in his car after listening to the touching and emotional tribute that his son had left for him. You can clearly see that Hogate’s son truly respects and admires him as an officer, a father and as a man in generally. The force in Salem is certainly going to be a bit different for everyone with a man like Hogate being gone. It is clear that his son is not the only one who feels so strongly about the type of person that Hogate is.

The moment was caught on video and just seeing the look on Hogate’s face was enough to being even the toughest person to tears. Tears of joy, of course. The video of the moment was posted on Facebook and the notes of love and respect were only beginning with the touching tribute stated over the radio by Hogate’s son. A number of colleagues, as well as strangers from across the nation, left a variety of comments.

Those who knew Hogate personally said a lot of what his son said. Strangers wished him luck and mentioned how incredible Hogate must be. Of course, several also talked about what an incredible son he must have raised for him to get on the radio and say such beautiful words about his father on one of the most important days of his life.

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